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“Emocionante y poética”
Mikel Insausti, Gara

“Una grandiosa lección de humanidad”
A. Merikaetxebarria, El Correo

“Exaltación del cine, la comunicación y la vida”
Begoña del Teso, Diario Vasco

“Muy muy emocionante”
Juan G. Andrés, Noticias de Gipuzkoa

“Asombra desde el primer minuto hasta el final”

El Método Arrieta

If you couldn’t use your voice and your hands, what would you do to communicate yourself?


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Since the first time we met the Arrieta sisters –it was summer of 2009- we felt really attracted by their story: two sisters that, in spite of being seriously limited by their phyisical conditions, were determined to be able to communicate. And they did it. They created and developed a whole communication system using one part of their body that was totally alright: their eyes.

Afterwards ca∫me the time to know them, to observe their daily lives. And we were surprised that despite their communicative invention, the people around them preferred to communicate with them through other systems. They almost ignore the method. But we think this made the story 'more epic' and at the same time made stronger the bond that united the two sisters. They were, the creators and the only two speakers of the method in worldwide.

The strength of communication. Its ability to transform everything, if only is valid for two speakers. That is the main, the source idea of "Arrieta Method" (the documentary)

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¿Dónde puedo verla?

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Although we were born with the potential to communicate, unlike the rest of the people, who are born with a language already established, we came into the world without the slightest possibility that anyone could teach us a language. We couldn’t understand among us; no talking, no mediums or codes. It was not the best of the starts, if you ask us. But we also did so stubborn soon established what would be our super goal in life: find a way to communicate, whatever it takes.

We gave many missteps. We did many tests, and almost always failed. But these attempts were a fundamental fact in our personal learning. We had to experiment, debug, discard many times. Sometimes we almost lose hope and illusion ... luckily we had to each other! When one had a faltering, the other was leadering. And then then, when both were around 20, came Arrieta Method (sure you already know what it is)

This method is our particular solution, our small contribution to the world of alternative communication. Lourdes was the one who established the rules, which determined how it works and today it is a pleasure for us to share with anyone who is interested. Because if it worked for us, why not for others? Spread it all you want!

El Método Arrieta. The guide.

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